November National Healthy Skin Month With Timeless Rx

In the United States the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has instituted November as Healthy Skin month. Timeless Rx will be honoring National Heathy Skin Month! November is a wonderful time of year! Change is in the air! The fall weather gets a bit crisper and...

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A Smoke, A Coke, & Your Skin

Today’s topic – A Smoke, A Coke & Your Skin. Well, I’ll bet you are hoping for a positive response. Something like, “Smoke all the cigarettes & drink all the coke you want”! WRONG! Unfortunately, I’m going to be Debbie Downer today & give you some hard core truths....

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Don’t Be Scared…Its Just Micro-needling!

When I suggest Micro-needling to a patient, the first question is “Does it hurt?”. The word “needle” starts us off on the wrong foot. Who likes needles? Not this girl! I’m the worst! I was the child the doctor had to chase down for shots. And unfortunately, not much...

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Good Food. Good Skin.

Good Food. Good Skin. We all know that what we eat impacts our overall health & physique. But did you know that what you consume can affect your skin? What you eat can affect your hormone balance, cause acne, and create or lessen inflammation, which is associated...

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Antioxidants In Skin Care: Hype Or The Real Deal

What do we want? HEALTHY SKIN! When do we want it? NOW! We want our skin to be plump with a healthy glow. You can achieve this with antioxidant rich skin care products. In most cases, the amounts of antioxidants found in the product will raise the cost to the...

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Welcome to The Timeless Clinic community

Yes, I want to become part of Timeless Clinic Community. I wish to be among the first to learn about specials and new treatments to help me look and feel my very best.

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