Why Medical Grade Products?

Why Medical Grade? Everyone wants to have glowing, healthy skin, but not everyone is using the right products to achieve this flawless complexion. Determining where to invest your money when it comes to skincare can be confusing and overwhelming at times. You want...

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Hair Free, Care Free

What are my options? There are so many options when it comes to hair removal. Shaving is a quick and easy way to remove hair but it grows back in only a matter of days or even overnight for some. Depilatory creams are messy and, let’s be honest, they smell terrible....

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Finding A Healthier You

Heart * Body * Mind Many found their way to us because of chronic conditions that their doctors couldn’t treat. Clients report more vitality and keep coming back. Modern medicine has been saving lives for hundreds of years, however, things have changed. The World...

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Can We Live Better

Can We Live Better? While the wisdom that comes with age is great, the achy joints, fine lines and wrinkles, weight gain and frailty seem less inviting. Hormones are the most potent chemical measured messenger to one’s body. When your hormones are out of balance your...

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Our Top Ten Mind Blowing Facts About Emsculpt

#1: It’s the only treatment that builds muscle while reducing fat! Imagine building muscle and losing fat at the same time! Don’t think it’s possible? Too good to be true? Well, Emsculpt can reduce up to 19% of fat during the treatment, while increasing muscle mass by...

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The Barefaced Truth: Sleeping In Your Makeup

We have all been told how terrible it is to sleep in your makeup. Is it an old wives tale? How bad can it be? Buckle up! In this blog, I am going to share the barefaced truth about sleeping with makeup. (Pun intended) Recently, I had a patient tell me about this...

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Welcome to The Timeless Clinic community

Yes, I want to become part of Timeless Clinic Community. I wish to be among the first to learn about specials and new treatments to help me look and feel my very best.

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