Botox and injectable dermal fillers have become increasingly popular over the years with their ability to
enhance natural beauty and help reverse premature signs of aging.

Lets talk about Botox first. Here at Timeless Rx, we offer both Botox and Dysport. Botox and Dysport are
both neuromodulators meaning they relax the muscles. It’s the muscle contraction and loss of elastin
that causes those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. If you relax the muscle where it can no longer contract
then it prevents lines from forming and can help soften lines that are already present. I always like to
say, “It’s a whole lot easier to prevent than to correct.” This statement rings true as it will help you get
ahead of the game by preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming. The most common areas we treat
with Botox or Dysport include the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. There is zero
downtime with Botox or Dysport, but you can have bruising at the injection site. It’s recommended that
you have your Botox done at a minimum of 2 weeks before an event, ideally 4 weeks to give time for
any touch up’s if needed. Botox generally lasts 3-4 months. Consistency is key in order to have the best
long lasting results!

Now let’s talk about dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that are hyaluronic acid
based that restores lost volume and gives you a nice facial contour, definition, hydration, and can help
fix any asymmetries. Dermal filler is to never make you look different or “over done.” Dermal filler is
intended to accentuate your natural features. Common areas we treat with dermal filler are lips, cheeks,
jawline, temples, tear troughs, chin, earlobes, nose, and hands. Dermal filler gives you immediate
results, but it does take about 2-3 weeks to settle into the tissue. You can have bruising, mild swelling,
and tenderness at the injection site. Ideally you should plan to have filler injected at a minimum of 4
weeks prior to any major event.

Botox and dermal fillers will enhance your natural features giving you a refreshed and youthful look.
Once you try Botox and dermal fillers, you will never look back!
If you have been thinking about getting Botox or dermal filler, but not quite sure what you need, call
Timeless Rx and schedule a complimentary consult with me or one of our other providers.

Candice Wild Goscha, FNP -BC