Michele has joined Timeless Rx after being a loyal patient for many years. After graduating
from the University of Southern Mississippi with her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, she
spent the next several years working in Cardiac Intensive Care eventually becoming a CCRN
certified cardiac critical care educator, winning several awards for excellence in teaching across
2 states. She then took this knowledge to work in the pharmaceutical industry promoting and
educating physicians in cardiovascular medications and therapies. As a natural career
progression, Michele decided to share her knowledge and teaching skills with patients by
obtaining her master’s degree in Nursing from the University of South Alabama becoming a
board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. After 11 years in practice caring for inpatient
cardiology, cardiothoracic, and vascular surgery patients, she is excited to expand her career
now to work with patients to prevent disease and improve quality of life.
Michele is very excited to not only share her personal patient journey with Timeless Rx but to
expand the practice with Reba as a mentor. She is devoted to helping patients live longer, feel
better, improve quality of life, and prevent the diseases that had been the prior focus of her
practice. Her unique personal experience with weight management, bio-identical hormone
replacement therapy and peptide therapy have opened so many opportunities in the emerging
anti-aging and integrative medicine fields.

“I believe that wellness and health encompass our entirety as human beings. We have the tools
and the knowledge now to not only live longer but live well longer. I am so excited about
helping my patients reach their highest potential for health starting at a young age. I believe in
evidence-based medicine and everything we do here at Timeless is based on good science and
as a provider this assures that I am providing the best overall care for our patients. I love the
collaboration we have with our team as well as other providers in the community and this
practice is not only a service to the community but an asset, I am proud to be associated with.”
Michele is originally from Magee, MS where her parents still live in the home in which she was
raised. She has been a resident of Mandeville since 1999. Michele enjoys spending time with
her husband, watching him perform as a lead guitarist in local bands. Her daughter is a proud
LSU alumnus where she works in the department of admissions for the University and is the
busy mom of two wonderful boys.

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