Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy has been used in medical treatments for over 30 years for its remarkable ability to promote healing for patients with musculoskeletal injuries.  However, in more recent years, practitioners have sought out PRP therapy for aesthetic treatments & enhancements.  At Timeless Rx, we have been effectively treating fine lines, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, & hair restoration with PRP Therapy!  If you are looking for a treatment that delivers results with minimal downtime, PRP Therapy is your answer!

What is PRP Therapy?
PRP Therapy uses the patient’s own blood to achieve the desired result.  During a PRP skin treatment, a highly concentrated form of the patient’s own blood is injected or needled into the treatment area, stimulating the body’s stem cells to produce new collagen and blood vessels. This treatment will minimize appearance of any current signs of aging, and works to prevent the future formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

How does PRP Therapy Work?
The treatment provider will obtain a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm.  The blood is placed and spun in a sterile centrifuge.  The process segregates the plasma from the red blood cells.   The activated plasma serum is used appropriately for the desired treatment results.

Does it hurt?
During the blood draw, there is an initial “stick”.  The area treated is numbed with a topical numbing agent.  The treatments are very tolerable and most patients feel very comfortable during the treatments.

Are there any side effects to PRP Therapy?
There are very few side effects associated with PRP treatments because the injected substance is sourced from the patient’s own body, which eliminates the risk of infection or allergic reaction. Some patients experience redness in the treated area for up to 48 hours after the treatment, but this is not painful and can be easily concealed with makeup. Swelling and bruising are uncommon and last less than a week if they do occur.

How can I utilize PRP Therapy at Timeless Rx?
PRP Therapy is used for overall skin rejuvenation, treatment of skin imperfections & hair restoration at Timeless Rx.

To find out how PRP Therapy can help you look your best, schedule a complementary consultation at Timeless Rx!

I look forward to helping you transform your skin with PRP!  See you soon!

Your Esthetician,