Hormone replacement therapy is often a topic that can raise many questions.
Often, those questions arise from not knowing enough about this health procedure.
From metabolism to heart rate, sleep cycles, reproductive cycles, body
temperature, and mood, hormones play an important role in the body as
“messengers” that trigger essential functions. Because of this, hormonal imbalance
can manifest in different ways, making it difficult to identify. Onset can occur as a
result of aging, menopause, lifestyle, disease, and environmental factors. Hormone
replacement therapy can help to reverse some of these side effects and is
beneficial to the overall health of both men and women.
Testosterone is a critical hormone when it comes to male and maturation.
During adolescence, specifically puberty, testosterone levels increase
exponentially. These typically start to decline between the age of 30-40. After that
point, testosterone levels will continue to drop each year, referred to as
hypogonadism. While a man may have an appropriate total testosterone level, they
can often experience symptoms associated with low testosterone. Those symptoms
can be a lack of libido, poor muscle recovery, or lack of sleep. Free testosterone is
the true indicator of an individual’s active testosterone level and provides better
insight into someone who may have symptoms associated with low testosterone. 
Natural testosterone therapy is used to alleviate symptoms associated with
testosterone deficiencies affecting both men and women. Using natural
testosterone therapy to optimize individual levels can:

  1. Improve energy levels
  2. Improve libido and sex drive
  3. Increase bone density
  4. Improve metabolism
  5. Stimulate the production of red blood cells
  6. Improve muscle growth and recovery
  7. Help reduce general fatigue
  8. Help improve overall feelings of well being
  9. Reduce overall irritability and mood swings
  10. Improve focus and mental acuity.
    Hormone replacement therapy can also reduce mental health issues like
    depression, anxiety, and frequent mood swings.
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