Eight Filling Foods That Give You More Bang For Your Bite!

EIGHT FILLING FOODS THAT GIVE YOU MORE BANG FOR YOUR BITE! Need to lose those remaining stubborn pounds? Try the following eight foods that aid in dietary fiber, powerful protein and essential nutrients so you get more bang for your bite. 1. Apples – Green contains...

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Peeving PORE Problem

  As an esthetician, I hear all types of complaints.  "I hate these sun spots!" or "What can you do with my sagging skin?" or "Why do I have pimples at 50?!" But no complaint is more common than, "How do I get rid of these large pores?"  In this blog, I hope to...

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To DIY or Not To DIY…That Is The Question!

  To DIY or Not To DIY...That Is The Question! We live in a DIY era.  Everyone wants to save a buck while unearthing the "it was there all along" home remedy.  I'm quite sure that these amazing DIY home renovation projects & Pintrest recipes will save you...

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Am I 13 or 30?! Why Do I Have Adult Acne?

Am I 13 or 30?!  Why Do I Have Adult Acne? Its frustrating to experience acne as an adult.  Why does this happen?  How can I treat it?  In this blog, I will address your concerns and suggest treatment and prevention for the dreaded adult acne plague. To understand...

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Skin Care: FACT or FICTION

We are INFORMED with lots of MISINFORMATION! Nowadays, you can type "skin care" into your search engine and instantly you are flooded with super reliable [input sarcasm] sources for skin care products, routines, remedies and treatments.  We no longer seek out...

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