Acid is a Trip! The BHA & AHA Breakdown.

Acid is a Trip! The BHA & AHA Breakdown Selecting the right skin care products can be tricky. So many ingredients & so many different types of acids! Choosing the wrong products can destroy your skin & too much of the right products can do just as much...

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Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, & Sun Spots! Oh My!

Ok ladies & gents, let's be honest.  There was a time in all of our lives when we were convinced that "tan fat" looked better than "white fat".  And just a "nice tan" wouldn't do...we had to be a shade away from burnt toast to be satisfied.  Some of us took...

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Does Drinking Water Really Help Your Skin?

Does Drinking Water Really Help the Skin?   We all know that drinking water is important for overall health. But it has been debated whether drinking water is of any importance specifically to the skin’s health & appearance. I am absolutely certain that...

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My Timeless Rx Transformation by Reba Weymouth

My Timeless Rx Transformation by Reba Weymouth I wanted to share the capabilities of Timeless Rx & who better to start with than ME! So, how did I make this transformation? My Skin - I started with the Obagi Nuderm system. I was consistent in using the products.I...

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Is Bar Soap Safe For Skin Care?

Bar Soap For Skin Care? On occasions, my patient tell me that they are using “bar soap” as a cleansing routine for their face. Ask a man, its always bar soap. So, is this bad for your skin? In this blog, I'd like to address the concerns for using bar soap on the face...

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Your Answer To Ageless Beauty

YOUR ANSWER TO AGELESS BEAUTY! Looking for options to look, feel your best and age gracefully? Sermorelin is an anti-aging treatment administered through an injectable. It’s a bio identical hormone that has been genetically engineered to stimulate the existing levels...

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Welcome to The Timeless Clinic community

Yes, I want to become part of Timeless Clinic Community. I wish to be among the first to learn about specials and new treatments to help me look and feel my very best.

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