What in the CYTOKINE?!

The growth factor craze is on the rise. With all of the different sources of GF, it’s important to know what works and what could be harmful. At Timeless Rx, we trust AnteAGE MD! AnteAGE MD is an anti-aging skin care product line that harnesses the power of stem cells...

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Revive and Restore Your Body With IV Nutrition Therapy

Looking for an instant infusion of better health to help you meet the demands of a busy life? Vitamin IV therapy also known as IV Nutrition therapy is the fastest and most efficient way to deliver powerful anti-aging nutrients to the body, boosting your energy lifting...

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Beautiful Skin Lies Within . . . Your Blood

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy has been used in medical treatments for over 30 years for its remarkable ability to promote healing for patients with musculoskeletal injuries.  However, in more recent years, practitioners have sought out PRP therapy for aesthetic...

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Affordable Skin Care: Is There Such a Thing?

Affordable skincare: Is there such a thing? Skin care treatments and regimens can be affordable when you buy smart - not for instant gratification. This industry can drain your pocket books and take everything but your first born. Don't fall for the lies and trickery!...

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Throw Away My Moisturizer?!

Throw Away My Moisturizer?! If I told you to throw away your moisturizer, you’d think I’ve finally lost my mind! Estheticians are supposed to encourage you to moisturize, right? Well, I haven’t lost my mind....

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Brushes, Beauty Blenders, Baking & Bacteria

Brushes, Beauty Blenders, Baking & Bacteria Makeup is an amazing art form that has evolved through the years! We now have access to tools that make the application process flawless! I encourage everyone to take full advantage of the different makeup & tools....

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