Happy New Year from the Timeless Rx Team! 2023 is shaping up to be an EPIC year for our
practice as we set our sights on new beginnings, fresh ideas, new people, and growing our
business to better serve YOU, our wonderful patients and friends! This year we want you to
learn all about what Timeless Rx can do to make your life BETTER. Every couple of weeks you
can expect some fun, fact filled, scientific (not the boring type) information from your favorite
people at Timeless posted to our website and social media! I bet we do all sorts of things that
even our most long term patients don’t realize we can offer. Let us help you live longer, live
well, prevent disease and look GOOD while doing it!

Since it is January, where else would we start but with weight loss! Semaglutide, y’all! It’s the
new Botox and Viagra! Life changing medication that is safe, effective AND will improve your
quality of life, the obvious health benefits from weight loss make it an all around winner! I am
telling you, this is a GAME CHANGER! Hands up if you’ve ever been on a diet! Ok, that is
pretty much everyone. Can you say New Year’s Resolution? Whether it is for health reasons,
to just feel better overall, look better, or just fit in that dress for the Mardi Gras Ball, we have all
been there! How do I lose 10, 20, 50, 100 pounds? I am going to tell you because at Timeless
we have helped hundreds of people do just that for many different motivations!

Semaglutide is a GLP 1 agonist, this class of drugs has been around for almost 20 years, so
we have TONS of data on the safety and efficacy. The latest generations of these medications
are once weekly injections that are so convenient for the patient. So, how exactly does
Semaglutide work?? First of all, it tells your liver reduce the amount of sugar it makes in
response to the food you eat. THEN, it helps your pancreas secrete more insulin and it’s better
quality insulin (more sensitive). These are the metabolic actions going on in the background,
you can’t feel them, but we LIKE them. What you can feel, and what people really like about
this program is the fact that Semaglutide crosses the blood/brain barrier and tells your brain
that you are satisfied, i.e. not hungry! Lastly, it delays gastric emptying, which means you feel
full longer. Voila! You lose weight!

Side effects. Of course, there are side effects. That delay in gastric emptying is hypothesized
to be the main culprit. GI side effects were seen in 1 out of 5 patients in the clinical trials for
Semaglutide. The good news is that in most patients they are transient and do resolve once
you have been on the medication for a few weeks. You titrate to the dose that you tolerate, so
you call the shots! Safety. A very important question. This medication has an unparalleled
safety profile. It was developed for diabetics to be on for life!

Have questions? Want to get started? Call us TODAY! And keep an eye out for more to come
from Timeless Rx.