Curious about the newest anti-aging treatment at Timeless Rx? We are here to give you the 411 and tell you everything you need to know about CORE. Who needs it, what it does and why it’s our most coveted treatment.

What is CO2RE?

CO2RE is an ablative resurfacing laser, meaning, it treats both the surface and lower dermal layers of the skin simultaneously to dramatically rejuvenate and renew the skins appearance. CO2RE offers extensive improvement of deep skin imperfections like sagging, expression lines and wrinkles, post acne scarring or “pitting”, irregular skin texture and uneven tone and even body scars. CO2 is, in fact, a much older technology that has been utilized for skin resurfacing for years. Overtime the treatment and technology has been refined to deliver faster recovery and more optimal healing while still delivering impressive and consistent results.

How does CO2RE work?

The CO2RE is a fractionated ablative laser that rapidly heats the skins surface with CO2 gas propelled laser light that creates small channels in the skin reaching as far down as the dermis. The dermis or dermal layer is where our skins collagen is produced. The breakdown of collagen in the skin from age and environmental damages is what leads to undesired appearance of the skin. These tiny thermal wounds create a response in the skin to stimulate new collagen growth. This collagen production replaces the older damaged and aged skin with new cells resulting in glowing healthy skin that is much tighter and even toned.

What is the downtime?

By now you are probably thinking “OK how long will my skin look crazy?” Then let’s talk about the downtime associated with a CO2 treatment. Most patients recover as quickly as 5-7 days post resurfacing while others can take up to 2 full weeks. Multiple factors play into this potential healing time. Some skin concerns such as scarring can require a much deeper treatment, therefore, increasing the recovery period. Other candidates may simply need a light resurfacing that could only require 5 days before you’re ready to return to work. Other determining factors include the patients skin sensitivity level, whether you use a good skincare regimen at home and how well you follow post treatment recommendations.

What does CO2 feel like?

“Does this treatment hurt?” This is probably THE most common question we get during a laser resurfacing consultation. What laser resurfacing feels like depends on the type of treatment you may require, the depth and area of treatment, and an individual’s tolerance for pain.

Several preventative measures for discomfort are taken both before and after your treatment to keep patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Medications, topical anesthetics, and post procedure cooling methods can be used to ensure you have the best experience possible. Just the simple thought of having a laser treatment performed is nerve wrecking enough for some patients and some degree of tenderness is always to be expected with any laser procedure and our providers are fully prepared for any level of discomfort that may be associated with your individual treatment.

When can I have a CO2RE treatment done?

Treatments like CO2 can cause hypersensitivity to UV exposure for up to a few months post lasering which makes fall and winter months the most popular time for treatments. We like to call this time “laser season”. This doesn’t always mean you cannot have a treatment done during summer or springtime but if a treatment is on your agenda, your provider will usually recommend you be very diligent about avoiding the beach and baseball games for period of time.

There are also certain medications or pre-existing conditions that hinder proper healing or can cause unwanted reactions to a procedure such as CO2. For instance, acne medicines like Tretinoin or Accutane can cause interference with the skin’s reaction to lasers. Health conditions such as diabetes can prolong healing. Be sure to inform your provider about any over the counter medications or supplements you may be taking prior to any in office services.

Who needs CO2 resurfacing?

The typical patient we recommend a CO2 treatment are those who have concerns with deep flaws such as acne scarring or “pitting” or body scarring, thick sun damaged skin or enlarged pores. Moderate to severe loss of elasticity in the skin can also be treated with CO2RE, as well as deep expression lines and wrinkles. Perhaps you have tried other treatments, such as chemical peels or radio frequency laser services and they just didn’t quite give you the dramatic results you were hoping or possibly even praying for. No fear CO2 is here!

So that’s the inside scoop! We are so excited to offer CO2RE at Timeless Rx! Think you are a good candidate for CO2?
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