Am I Wasting My Time With Skin Care Treatments?

Let me be honest…real honest. Some estheticians would HATE my honesty, but I owe my patients nothing but the best. And by being honest, you get the best of me and what I can offer. So, here it goes….

I do skin care consultations every day. Patients expect me to analyze their skin and recommend something that will deliver results and improve the overall skin’s health. At Timeless Rx, I offer many different treatments to improve skin issues and concerns. Microneedling is a patient favorite! The treatment induces collagen, improves texture, makes the skin taught, and rejuvenates the skin! I also offer chemical peels or IPL Photo Rejuvenation to even tone & treat sun damage. There are several other treatments I offer, but they are useless without good skin care. And there you have it…the ugly truth!

It doesn’t mean that the treatments we offer are ineffective. This is untrue. All of the treatments we offer either “kick start” your skin care transformation or maintain the desired result. For example, we live in the south. We are exposed every day to the harmful effects of the sun. Just walking to the car we are exposed. As a southern belle ;), I have had unpleasant experiences with sun spots. I could easily do a mid-depth or deep peel and rid my skin of the unsightly spots. But…if I didn’t maintain with good skin care and apply my SPF daily, the spots would just return and the money spent on the peel would have been a waste. The peel should act as a “kick start” to my plan of attack. By continuing with good skin care, I will keep the spots gone and prevent them from coming back.

Acne…the dreaded acne issue. I can certainly treat the scars and pigmented areas, but what good is that if we don’t stop the acne? You’ll just come right back in a few months with new scars and new red spots to treat. What treats acne? Good inner health choices to treat the acne from within and good skin care to keep your skin free of pimples, cysts and irritation.

What about anti-aging? Well, Microneedling is great for combatting fine lines, collagen loss and elasticity. If I only recommended Microneedling to a patient concerned with crows feet and lip lines, their happiness would be short lived. Why? Because after several needling treatments, I can help improve the lines, but I can’t stop you from aging. (I sure wish I could ) Without a skin care regimen in place, you would not maintain the results. And looking at the bigger picture, a good skin care regimen is something we do daily to fight aging and unhealthy skin. Treatments are right here, right now.

I know it can get costly. That seems to be the #1 reason for patients declining products. Why do you think I became an esthetician? The discounts! Ha ha! Ok, that was a joke…well partially a joke! Pharmaceutical grade products are what we offer at Timeless Rx. Pharmaceutical grade products can only be prescribed and sold in a physician’s office. Why? The products contain high doses of the effective ingredient and should never be used without the care of a dermatologist, practitioner or esthetician. In order for a product to be considered clinically effective, it MUST contain an effective dose with an excellent delivery system. If a product can not penetrate past the first few layers of the epidermis, it isn’t considered clinically effective. Both Reba Weymouth & I take this very seriously. We make sure that the products offered to our patients have all of the above! You can trust that we have personally used the products and recommend them based on clinical knowledge and personal experience. We both have found a product line that has perfect dosing and an amazing delivery system – ZO Medical & Skin Health.
If you haven’t heard of ZO, I’ll bet you’ve heard of OBAGI. So, why aren’t we offering Obagi Medical Products in our clinic? Because we have found something better! Dr. Zein Obagi established Obagi Medical Products (OMP) in 1988 to deliver prescription based skin care to practitioners and their patients. Dr. Obagi is passionate about communication between the practitioner and patient. He is just as passionate about evolving, clinical trials, and continuing education. But the focus began to shift from patient concern to making the shareholders happy. This was never Dr. Obagi’s intentions. Dr. Obagi states, “I was committed to skin health, but once the company went public, it became clear that my philosophy was not in line with OMP’s bottom line”. Now, he is the Medical Director of ZO Skin Health, Inc., and is just as eager and enthused as he was 35 years ago to deliver exceptional products to his practitioners & patients! And we are just as excited! Our experiences with the products have been amazing!

What makes ZO different than other skin care lines? Dr. Obagi’s unique approach to the ingredients and the delivery system is what makes the products so effective. He believes that “the need for improvement, expansion, and continuous adjustment is essential in obtaining optimal treatment results.” By doing clinical trials and constantly improving the formulations, you can rest assure that you are receiving the BEST products available! He also applied fundamental approaches to make sure your skin’s health is priority. For example, how does your body stay healthy? By being active! The same principal applies with our skin. To stay healthy, our skin must stay active. And as we age, our skin cell turnover slows down. To speed up cell turn over, we can use products like Retin-A, Tretnoin or Vitamin A. But if you’ve ever used these products, you know that dryness, redness, and peeling can happen. Although this is an anticipated reaction, it’s not always tolerated and the patient stops or only uses it on occasions. This defeats the purpose. So, Dr. Obagi has placed a “whisper” of retinol in most of the products to keep the skin actively turning over without the irritation!

I could go on and on about these products because I am in love! Don’t be surprised by that statement. Anyone who knows me, knows how giddy I get about skin care. 🙂 I want to share this with you! I want everyone to trust my recommendation and allow Reba & I to prescribe the ZO products that will transform your skin & maintain your skin health! Aging is going to happen…but let’s do it gracefully with ZO Medical & Skin Health Products! Contact the office today to schedule your COMPLEMENTARY skin consultation.

Your Esthetician,