What do we want? HEALTHY SKIN! When do we want it? NOW!

We want our skin to be plump with a healthy glow. You can achieve this with antioxidant rich skin care products. In most cases, the amounts of antioxidants found in the product will raise the cost to the consumer. You may even encounter product lines that don’t contain stable & concentrated antioxidants that do not absorb into the skin.  So, if my mortgage & the serum are the same price, I want to know if the product is just Hype or The Real Deal. In this blog, I will let you know the secrets to Antioxidants in skin care and exactly what to look for when selecting a product.

First things first, what are antioxidants & why would I need to have them in my skin care routine. Antioxidants are simply nutrients (vitamins) & enzymes (proteins) that prevent & repair your body’s damaged tissue. Antioxidants slow down the effects of free radicals. Free Radicals are unstable atoms with an unpaired number of electrons & can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules (oxidation). Tissue damage is the result of oxidation. Tissue damage can lead to cell dysfunction. An example of the oxidation process happening in nature is when an avocado turns brown. In relation to our skin, the oxidation process results in aging skin, fine lines & wrinkles. No me gusta! By incorporating antioxidants, we are blocking the effects of free radicals & the oxidation process. Me gusta!

With that said, now you know why we want to keep antioxidants in our products. But…it’s not that simple. In order for the antioxidant to be effective, it must be stable in the product formula, the molecular composition must be made known to ensure proper absorption, & the concentration of the antioxidant should be strong enough to work, but gentle enough to not cause irritation. Seems impossible, but it’s not. That’s what I’m here for. 🙂 As your esthetician, you can bet your bottom dollar that I have extensively researched the antioxidant serums & products that I prescribe to my patients.

To ensure the products stability, I make certain it is not compromised by exposure to light, as this breaks down the antioxidant. To maintain stability, it must be packaged in an opaque, blue, bark brown or metal bottle. Ferulic Acid can also stabilize the antioxidant.

A product is the most effective when it is absorbed into top layer of skin (stratum corneum) where they can neutralize free radicals. If it sits on top of the skin & is not absorbed it is not effective. I recommend antioxidant serums to ensure proper absorption of the vitamins & enzymes.

Lastly, the right concentration is key. But that can be tricky. I feel that the level of concentration depends on the patient. You want something to be effective without irritating the skin. If the skin is irritated, it lacks the healthy glow & we have defeated the purpose. At Timeless Rx, our Obagi C Serums provide stability, maximum absorption, & contain different concentration percentages to cater to your level of tolerance to the antioxidant.


So, what are specific antioxidant ingredients to look for? To keep it simple, here are a few antioxidants ingredients & what they specifically do for the skin.

· Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a strong antioxidant that has been proven to increase collagen, treat discoloration, strengthen the skin, heal the skin, reduce inflammation, & gives the skin a brighter appearance.
· Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects the cell membranes from oxidative damage & damage caused by ultraviolet light.
· Vitamin A (retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinoic acid, retinylaldehyde) molecule is an antioxidant & a cell-communicating ingredient. When used consistently, it can reduce breakouts, treat brown & red spots from previous break outs, creates healthier cells, increases the production of ceramides, increases collagen production, & increases glycosaminoglycan (skin protecting substance found in young skin). It can be made available in prescription form as a retinoic acid called Tretnoin, Retin A, Differin, Tazorac, etc. In my opinion, we all need a little retinol in our lives!
· Resveratrol is a polyphenolic antioxidant found in grapes, nuts & other fruits. It helps treat sun damage, reduces cell damage, & has anti-inflammatory properties.
· Green Tea (epigallocatechin-3 gallate EGCG) is an antioxidant that can prevent collagen breakdown & reduce UV damage to the skin.

When stable, absorbed, at the right concentration & coupled together, antioxidants are essential in achieving beautifully healthy skin. If it doesn’t pass the test, its HYPE! But I don’t play around…I only recommend THE REAL DEAL! I would love to help you make that selection. I am also able to offer treatments that will give you a prescription grade antioxidant boost! Summer is here! NOW is the time to incorporate antioxidants into your routine! Contact the clinic to schedule your appointment! 985-893-6073

Your Esthetician,