My Timeless Rx Transformation by Reba Weymouth

I wanted to share the capabilities of Timeless Rx & who better to start with than ME! So, how did I make this transformation?

My Skin – I started with the Obagi Nuderm system. I was consistent in using the products.I was able to get completion correction.

Wrinkles & Volume Loss – I rejuvenated and corrected my appearance with dermal fillers such as Radiessee, Juverderm & Restylane. I used, in conjunction with the fillers, neuro modulators such as Botox or Dysport.

Weight Loss & Hormones – I followed a combination of my medically designed program with lifestyle changes. I was able to lose weight but It wasn’t until I started Bio identical hormone therapy on myself that I really changed my life! I changed my inner health to feel younger, livelier and all the more reason to enhance my outer beauty.

Now that I have achieved the desired result, what do I do to maintain my inner health & outward appearance?

My Skin – I rely on my esthetician, Sam Cochran, for maintenance Microneedling treatments to induce collagen & I alternate Microdermabrasion & Dermaplane treatments to exfoliate and speed up skin cell turn over. I continue with a good home care regimen that suits my lifestyle.

Wrinkles & Volume Loss – I maintain the plumpness & rejuvenation with the neuro modulators & fillers.

Weight Loss & Hormones – I continue my treatments.

I am passionate about what I do. I practice what I preach. Timeless Rx may not be for everyone and there is no cookie cutter magic plan or pills, but I do challenge those that think differently! I know it works, all of it! I have made this transformation WITH NO SURGERY!  NONE!

And given the opportunity, I’d love to help you with YOUR Timeless Rx Transformation!