As an esthetician, I hear all types of complaints.  “I hate these sun spots!” or “What can you do with my sagging skin?” or “Why do I have pimples at 50?!” But no complaint is more common than, “How do I get rid of these large pores?”  In this blog, I hope to clear up your questions & concerns regarding the Peeving Pore Problem.

I am Italian by decent.  I come from a long line of oily, large pored, beautiful women. 🙂  Naturally, having larges pores is a huge concern when looking in the mirror.  But because my family has so graciously blessed me with this curse…ahem, I mean facial feature, I am forced to embrace it.  Why?  Because pore size is largely determined by genetics.  Let me explain.  How much sebum (oil) your skin produces is genetic.  As the sebaceous glands produce sebum, the pore dilates to accommodate the amount of oil passing through.  So, if your skin is dry, it produces less oil & the pores appear smaller.  If you are oilier in the T-zone and dry around the perimeter, the same principal applies.

So does this mean that I can’t “shrink” my pores?  Yes, thats exactly what it means!  Before you start freaking out, l’ll elaborate.  There are several companies and product lines that claim t0 “make your pores disappear”.  It’s extremely misleading.  While a product may help the appearance, it can never permanently reduce your pore size.  If you want to minimize the appearance of pores, daily use of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) is important.  AHAs can be used to moisturize, exfoliate, firm & tone the skin.  By using AHAs daily, cell buildup is removed, pore elasticity is improved, & the follicle walls retract. This will provide a temporary tightening affect  which will make the pores appear tighter and more refined.  An AMAZING product to help NORMALIZE your pores is ZO Instant Pore Refiner! This product will refine your pores, minimize shine & smooth texture!

Is there something else we can do?  Yes!  Home care is VITAL to maintaining beautiful skin, but receiving treatments in our clinic can provide complementary results.  There are several treatments that will prove effective in making pores appear smaller.

  • Monthly facials will help unclog & extract the unsightly pores, stimulate circulation,  exfoliate, hydrate & combat aging.
  • Peels (light, mid depth, deep) are extremely effective for facial skin tightening.  You can stop in for a “lunchtime peel” to freshen up with no downtime.  Or you can commit to a deeper peel for a more aggressive exfoliation, tone & texture improvement, and tighter more rejuvenated appearance.
  • Regular Microdermabrasion treatments will gently remove the outer layer of the skin revealing a newer, healthier skin.
  • Microneedling induces collagen, treats scarring, reduces the appearance of pores, & tightens the skin.
  • Sublative Laser induces collagen, treats scarring, reduces the appearance of pores, & tightens the skin.

At Timeless Rx, we offer many more skin care treatments.  Come in for a complementary skin care consultation & analysis.  I will be happy to help you with a suggested treatment plan and home care to achieve beautiful skin.  If you still have questions about pores or any other skin care concern, please contact me at 985-893-6073.  I’m always here to help!

Your Esthetician,