Nowadays, you can type “skin care” into your search engine and instantly you are flooded with super reliable [input sarcasm] sources for skin care products, routines, remedies and treatments.  We no longer seek out professionals to offer advice concerning our skin…why?!  It’s your SKIN!  The largest organ in your body and the most complex organ to treat and you would rely on google or a DIY treatment?  No!  Please, I beg of you, discuss treatments, products, DIY’s, etc with a skin care professional before applying topicals or treating various skin care concerns.

Let’s talk about misinformation flooding the internet.  As a Licensed Esthetician, I have researched the following topics to bring you “SKIN CARE: FACT OR FICTION”.

1.  “This cream I bought can shrink my pores right up!” – FICTION

Pore size (for the most part) is genetic.  For this reason, you can’t “shrink them right up”.  You can, however, use products that tighten the skin.  This will make the pores appear smaller in size.  So, don’t give in to the shrinking pore hype..its all FICTION!

2.  “The harsher the scrub, the better it exfoliates.” – FICTION

This is wrong, wrong, wrong!  Please be sweet to your skin!  Exfoliating scrubs or cleansers can sometimes do way more damage than good.  Exfoliants that rely on crushed, broken, or rough ingredients can cause microscopic tears in the skin.  Over time, this could be devastating to your skins structure.  If you are relying on a scrub to exfoliate, seek out products that use rounded beads.  Jojoba beads are a common and safe exfoliant.  If you want to skip the stubs, but still want to exfoliate, look for products that rely on chemical exfoliation, such as acids or enzymes.  So, throw away your APRICOT SCRUB because this is FICTION!

3.  “If I exfoliate twice a day, my skin will be as smooth as a baby’s butt and keep me looking just as young!” –  FICTION

No ma’am!  If you over exfoliate, your skin will react..and not in a good way!  As we age, our skin cell turn over rate slows down.  So, we do things like exfoliating to speed it up.  Exfoliating should only be done a few times a week.  A skin care professional can recommend a routine that includes exfoliating to ensure the structure of your skin stays in tact.  Otherwise, you will strip the skin of its natural oils causing it to over or under produce sebum.  It can also enlarge the pores!  Yikes!  FICTION!

4.  “I don’t need to use SPF in the winter or on a cloudy day” – FICTION

Last time I checked, the sun still shines during the winter.  Cold or hot temperatures are no indicator for sunlight. Overcast or cloudy skies block infrared rays so you wont feel hot, but only 20% of UV rays are blocked so you can still be exposed.  Don’t deny your skin protection..ever!  Wear your SPF and reapply every 90 minutes!  This is ridiculous and totally FICTION!

5.  “Age spots are caused from old age.” – FICTION

“Age spots” are just sun damage and all ages are affected. FICTION!

6.  “I’ll just spare the doctor visit and let me esthetician diagnose this thing on my face.” – FICTION

Estheticians are not doctors and can not diagnose skin disease.  Most estheticians can recognize concerns and would be happy to refer you to a dermatologist. Get moles, lesions or questionable markings looked at by a doctor.  I love my patients, but this is FICTION.

I hope this blog was helpful.  I know that there is more misinformation floating around and, in the future, I will address them.  For now, remember facts from fiction!  And if you are unsure, I am here!  Contact me for questions or concerns.  I offer complementary consultations for my patients.  If you have a topic you would like discussed, please comment and I’ll research & report.

Take Care!

Your Esthetician,